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For more than 15 years there has been discussion in the greater Olney community about a need for one central place to gather, listen to great music, and possibly even have meetings rooms.  Many thanks to the Olney Town Center Advisory Committee for their work on this project: the Olney Civic Center and Town Commons.

As your Councilmember, I will see to it this project gets funded during my first term and is eventually built.

Full stop.

My years of experience in advocating right here in Montgomery County for much more costly projects, especially for our schools, makes it possible for me to make such a promise.  Our community has done without for too long.  Now it is our time to shine in District 7.  With me representing you, we will finally have a strong voice for the projects we deem important in D7.

By Authority: Pals for Paul Geller 2022; Benito San Miguel, Treasurer
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