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Meet Paul

     It has been my great privilege to have lived in the newly created District 7 since 2008, and in Montgomery County for more than 30 years. In that time I have been a very successful community advocate and a volunteer at all levels, from coordinating extra-curricular activities at a local elementary school, to leading the 43,000+ member Montgomery County Council of PTAs in several unprecedented advocacy victories that greatly benefited our Montgomery County Public Schools.  Have worked closely with our MCPS leaders for the past decade to improve the entire district in ways great and small.  What I am most proud of is every single one of the 209 schools in MCPS has directly benefited from my advocacy success. 

This includes:

  • More than $830,000,000 added to the Operating Budget since 2016, funding used for hiring more than 600 teachers; providing much needed pathways for our service employees, such as paraeducators, to becoming certified teachers; adding new programs to level the achievement gap.
  • Chromebooks in the hands of every single MCPS student.  I advocated tireless for two years to make this possible.  During the pandemic, these Chromebooks proved to be the sole link for most every single one of our 160,000+ students to access their classes during the pandemic. 
  • Getting WiFi and Promethean Boards into every classroom lacking them.
  • Leading a team of PTA leaders in successfully advocating for an update to the Recordation Tax to better reflect the value on nationally renowned public schools provide to the community, and to address overcrowding issues.
  • Coordinated a plan of action to revise the county's Subdivision Staging Policy to better reflect the true cost of constructing new seats for students when new homes are being built.
  • Going to Annapolis, pushing for and getting the Casino Lockbox for Education, a statewide referendum approved by voters in 2018 that forces the state to add to casino gaming revenues earmarked for our public schools, and not use those funds to replace the state's contribution.


     In just the past few years, my efforts have helped make the impossible happen for our Montgomery County Public Schools countywide time and time again.  However my efforts also extended to freezing property tax increases for seniors until they sell their homes; advocating for the fair treatment of our MCEA, SEIU Local 500, and MCAAP union employees too; and making sure students have a greater voice in decision making with local boards of education.

     After spending the better part of the last decade advocating to them, I want to put my knowledge of how the County Council works to good use for you.  For far too long folks in the northern part of the county have complained, and rightfully so, that they do not feel properly represented or heard.  When you vote for me, I promise to be there for you and our community.  I plan on being accessible, present at local events and meetings, and to have a cracker jack staff who will address your issues.  My reason for running is to serve my long-time neighbors in District 7...a wonderful place my family and I feel fortunate to call our home.  


By Authority: Pals for Paul Geller 2022; Benito San Miguel, Treasurer
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