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Paul's goal is to make District 7 and all of Montgomery County a better place to live, work, learn, and thrive in.


  • Making sure property taxes are kept in check.
  • Coordinated, intelligent traffic signals to keep traffic moving by maintaining green lights in sequence, and ending the senseless stop and go traffic experienced on major routes.
  • Keeping our neighborhoods and communities safe by making sure our dedicated police officers are paid at least on par with their colleagues in neighboring jurisdictions.
  • Investing in affordably priced workforce housing for first responders, teachers, and healthcare workers and is located near mass transit hubs.


  • Working to attract businesses to occupy the millions of square feet of vacant office space, creating great, high paying office jobs.
  • Encouraging existing businesses to grow here, entrepreneurs to create start-ups, world-class companies to establish or expand operations here, and others to move their headquarters here.
  • Reducing red tape and needless paperwork for starting up and establishing businesses, and make sure zoning and permitting is more customer service focused.
  • Helping our District 7 farms and agribusinesses thrive and making sure their needs are addressed.
  • Attracting more school psychologists by offering year round contracts and giving them the option of joining DHHS the way school nurses and health room technicians are employed.


  • Making sure our MCPS students have the best academic experience possible, are appropriately challenged, and can thrive in a safe and secure environment.
  • Supporting our teachers and staff by working with MCPS, our Board of Education, MABE, MACO, MCEA, and MSEA in eliminating unnecessary testing, providing more planning and collaboration time, and offering more opportunities for professional growth and development.
  • Seeing to it Montgomery College receives appropriate funding for students of all ages seeking an education, training, and opportunities to get ahead.
  • Making sure the planned fourth campus of Montgomery College opens on time and on budget.
  • Placing an emphasis on school safety and security so our students, teachers, and staff can focus on learning in a safe environment.
  • Continuing his relentless pursuit in Annapolis for a greater percentage of casino revenue being directed to our public schools, as was implied when voters agreed to this raw deal in 2008 and 2012, and not into the pockets of out-of-state interests.


  • Strengthening our community bonds and providing more on ramps for everyone to become better engaged.
  • Utilizing MCPS building common areas as much as possible after school hours for community recreational activities, social gatherings, club meetings, community movie nights, hobby club gatherings, and much more.  Select schools should be a hub of positive, enriching activity for students and the community from 4-9 p.m.
  • Formalizing training on ramps and opportunities for the large number of talented and caring retirees in our community to become much needed volunteers working with MCPS students.
  • Continuing the award winning renovation and upgrades to our libraries, investments in our parks and recreation centers, and supporting the arts.
  • Installing solar panels atop all schools to reduce operating costs, freeing up millions of dollars to hire more educators and staff...something I have been at the forefront of since 2014.  Two schools I directly advocated for as Sherwood Cluster Coordinator are among the handful to have solar: Sherwood High School and Rosa M. Parks Middle School...and Sherwood Elementary School is about to have solar added soon too.


By Authority: Pals for Paul Geller 2022; Benito San Miguel, Treasurer
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