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It is time we have a strong, well respected, proven voice for our community.

It is time for Paul Geller.

For the last decade, Paul Geller has been fighting for our public school students in District 7, throughout Montgomery County, and across the state of Maryland.  Time after time he has done the impossible, and our kids and community have benefited.  He lives by the Apollo 13 inspired phrase, "Failure is not an option." 

  • When our kids needed technology in the classroom, Paul Geller secured $12M+ for Promethean Boards in every Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) classroom that needed it and WiFi in our schools.
  • When MCPS teachers told Paul class sizes were too large, his steadfast efforts led to the record Education First Budget, adding 600+ new teachers and providing clearly defined pathways to becoming teachers for our paraeducators and other school support staff.
  • Convinced the Montgomery County Council to unanimously approve the Education First Budget, exceeding Maintenance of Effort for the first time, leading to $89+M annually in additional investment in MCPS since 2016 and $830+M so far.
  • When students needed technology, Paul Geller battled for two years to get Chromebooks into their hands...a tool that later proved to be the only link to classroom learning when the pandemic shut down MCPS for a year.
  • Stood up for fixed income seniors by making sure their property taxes would not increase until they decide to sell their home.
  • Made sure developers paid their fair share for the cost of new school construction by changing the formula from 90% of the cost of every new school seat needed to 120%.
  • Led a team of dedicated countywide PTA volunteers in changing the Recordation Tax to reflect the demand for homes created in the county by our excellent schools, and making sure the revenue was there to properly maintain and build new schools.

Geller is a true champion of the underdog, and is known for making sure everyone has a seat at the table.  He listens.  He cares.  He is a genuine person.

"Having lived in Montgomery County since 1991, and in District 7 since 2008, it has been my good fortune to meet many people who have shared their hopes and dreams for a better Montgomery with me.  Now is the time for us to turn these dreams into a reality.  Join me.  Together we will make District 7 and all of Montgomery County a better place to live, work, learn, and thrive in."  - Paul Geller 

As President of the 40,000+ member Montgomery County Council of PTAs (MCCPTA), he made sure the members of the venerable organization worked together on advocacy issues, bringing people in different clusters together to advocate for similar issues such as overcrowded schools, improving portable classroom conditions, and moving MCPS projects forward. 

  • When Paul found out state leaders in Annapolis were replacing (supplanting) state education funds with casino gambling revenue rather than supplementing it, he called them out on it.  His persistence paid off in 2018 when the Maryland General Assembly passed the Lockbox for Education, making sure casino gambling revenue adds to state education funding, not replacing it. 
  • After uncovering Maryland voters were misled in 2008 and 2012 when they approved video lottery terminals and table games in a referendum that clearly stated, "...for the primary purpose of raising revenue for education...," Paul Geller fearlessly called this out to the then Senate President with facts.  Less than 40% of video lottery terminal revenue and an abysmal 15% of table games revenue went to our public schools.  This earned the infamous retort from the long serving leader about how a disgraced casino magnate was a good friend of his and that guy deserved to make a living too.  (Recorded on the Marc Steiner Show, 1/11/2017 at 40:21)
  • Joined the Black and Brown Coalition for Educational Equity and Excellence at the invitation of one of the founders of the group because of his many years of support and advocacy for the fight for leveling the achievement gap and making sure all students are treated equally.

"My name is Paul Geller and I am asking for your support in my campaign for the new Montgomery County Council seat in District 7.  Advocating for our public schools is my passion, and much of my success was due to listening to those in the community, building coalitions, focusing efforts on where improvements needed to be made, and a steadfast determination to make positive things happen.  If elected, my priority will be to make our district an even better place to live, work, learn, and play in."

"I am participating in Montgomery County’s Public Election Fund, only accepting contributions from individuals of $250 or less, and not one cent of PAC or corporate funding.  If you live anywhere in Montgomery County, your contribution to my campaign will be matched.  I will be beholden to no one, and able to serve all in D7 equally and fairly."

Why vote for Paul Geller?

  • For better schools
  • For more jobs and a better business climate
  • For improved livability
  • To make our communities safer
  • For greater opportunities
  • For united communities
  • To protect our farms and land
  • To allow us all to move forward together and thrive

"Enjoy exploring my website and follow me on social media @VoteGeller.  I look forward to seeing you virtually and in person around the community.  And please vote for me, Paul Geller for County Council District 7."

      Thank you.


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